Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Your Average Krok

Originally consisting of two Swiss and one Englishman, Krokodil was a 70's prog-rock band. Blending blues, rock and often ethnic sounding instruments, Krokodil went through many different styles of sound throughout their musical career. 

Their first album "Krokodil" released in 1969, and their second album "Swamp" released in 1970, were both led by pop singer Hardy Hepp. Although both are decent albums, Krokodil's sound truly was defined after Hardy's departure and during the release of their third and most well-known album "An Invisible World Revealed" released in 1971.
Although they eventually faded in 1977, they still remain one of the best Swiss prog-rock bands to emerge out of the 70's. Rock. on.

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